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French Essentials will be back on track very soon.  If you would like to be notified when we return, just send me a message on the contact page and let me know if you are interested in products or the Aromatherapy workshops and don't forget to add your name, phone number and email address so that I can add you to the list.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Silvana French

At French Essentials we are passionate about Aromatherapy.

We believe that pure essential oils not only enhance our environment but are also beneficial for our wellbeing.

Our natural products are fragranced using only 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic fragrances.

We stock a range of base products and make it yourself Kits that come with full instructions and recipes.

Silvana French regularly conducts workshops on Aromatherapy products and safety.  If interested have a look at our online store for upoming events that are held in Waterford Perth WA.

Silvana French has been practicing Aromatherapy for over 25 years & has a diploma in 'Master Aromatherapy'

Please like our Facebook page to keep updated on new products & workshops as we are passionate about sharing our knowledge & are safety advocates for the use of these precious & potent 100% pure essential oils.