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At French Essentials we are passionate about Aromatherapy.

We believe that pure essential oils not only enhance our environment but are also beneficial for our wellbeing.

Our natural products are fragranced using only our 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic fragrances.

We have a 'made with organics range' that is 100% natural & minimum 93% organic ingredients.

Silvana French has been practicing Aromatherapy for over 25 years & has a diploma in 'Master Aromatherapy'

Please like our Facebook page to keep updated on new products & workshops as we are passionate about sharing our knowledge & are safety advocates for the use of these precious & potent 100% pure essential oils.

We regularly conduct workshops where you will learn how to make your own aromatherapy products with safety.  Have a look in our Aromatherapy Workshops section for upcoming events. They are only small classes and tickets sell out fast.  *PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT BE TAKING WORKSHOPS AGAIN UNTIL EARLY NEXT YEAR!


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